SCAR Productions

The Past: SCAR Productions [film division] (1993-1995)

SCAR Productions (Steve, Chris, Andre and Rob) was initially formed in 1993, right around November of that year. The initial idea was to film a going-away present for our Navy-bound friend, Chris C. (who is not the same Chris that helped found SCAR, that was another Chris. I knew a lot of guys named Chris at one point). We filmed one video, and then, somewhere along the line, it mutated and took on a life of its own.

SCAR went from being just one strange little going-away video to a bizarre series of skits, stop-motion animation, sock puppets, ninjas, stick figure cartoons and other strangeness. It ran all the way through 1995, when filming was discontinued due to lack of people (everyone moved away). For a brief time, it was also known as CRABS Productions, when Bo became heavily involved in SCAR.

Some of the highlights of the SCAR video series were:

Sucko The Sock Puppet
Mr. Bucket
Ninja Steve and Kamikaze Bo
The Happy Story Of The Friends Club
Da Bo Show
Mr. Trunk
"Up Periscope!"
The Jolly Jims, our resident band

We filmed one music video as the Jolly Jims, "Sadbotage", which was a parody of the Beastie Boys video "Sabotage" - which, believe it or not, actually turned out quite well. Sucko The Sock Puppet became somewhat of a celebrity. For a time in 1994, he was a regular on one of the local rock radio stations, 101.1 WJRR. There was a late night radio show called "Snooze You Lose", hosted by David Hagen. The scary part is my friends who were in the Navy actually ran into people who had heard Sucko on the radio.

The SCAR filmography isn't very extensive. Three videos were filmed, all of which run almost six hours in length. Most of the footage can be very boring, which is why in 1997, Steve and I put together The Deepest SCAR: SCAR's Greatest Hits. Some of this has been preserved online, like this Sucko clip:

But that leads us into the next era of SCAR.

SCAR Productions [multimedia] (1997 - present)

SCAR had been dead and gone for about two years when Steve and I created The Deepest SCAR. Unknowingly, we ushered in the new age of SCAR: SCAR Multimedia. Granted, not much was done with it until the latter half of 2000, when the first website bearing the SCAR Productions name was brought online. That site, of course, was zero signal.

Ever since then, I've used the SCAR name for every project I create, whether they're websites, books or videos. A full-blown SCAR reunion has yet to happen, but maybe someday it will.